Less than 20 km from the Porsche plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Andreas Schwarz makes dreams come true in his small but remarkably refined automobile factory.

With expertise, passion and a will to achieve perfection, Porsches have been refined there into automotive sensations for the past 30 years. Not only has this brought the company international renown, but also Auto, Motor und Sport’s “No. 1 Porsche Tuner” crown. To improve a Porsche is to turn a perfect car into an incomparable event. Experience, expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the Porsche philosophy are the prerequisites.

Twenty handpicked specialists apply themselves with the utmost dedication to increasing the performance of what is already a highly potent sports car. But they also place enormous emphasis on the smallest details. In a small, almost clinically pure atmosphere, handmade sports cars of the absolute highest calibre are produced in small series. Running gear, engine, aerodynamics and cockpit are formed to create a single entity, which makes driving a Gemballa an utterly groundbreaking automotive experience.

The Avalanche, Mirage GT and GT Aero 3 are Gemballa supercars based on the 911, Carrera GT and Cayenne, in which the special characters of these sports cars have been interpreted in a completely new, individual way. Their unmistakable design alone hints of what lies within, and at why US car magazine Luxury & Exotics included a Gemballa in its Hall Of Fame with the highest of accolades: “One of the best cars we have ever reported on.”

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